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You Think You Know Me..

But You don't know half of it ...

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I'm Lauren Breton.
13 years old, brown eyes, brown hair, single, and i completely adore my friends. <33.
Bestfriends - Kelsey May Gray, Hannah Marie Therrien, Ashley Marie Stump, Kathrynn Marie-Louise Lake, Leila Marie Hailey, Hailey Ann Hemminger, Kristopher G Mason, and Garett S Caster.
I love you guys, and you mean the world to me.

Still working on it.

but -

Kelsey May * - so many memories, i love you to death, BFFE .. Til the damn gang fight in the ghetto ;] .

Ashley Marie * - i love you, i'm always here for you, you know it, whenever, no matter what remember you're an awesome person , and i love you to death . BFFE , forever! <3 your twin ;) .

Kristopher * - OMG so many mems, the movies, all our conversations when we say something stupid, haha usually me, and you're definetly one of my best friends .. i love you kris <33 , good luck with Ashley :)

Hannah Marie * - omg i love you so much, I'm always here for you, you know that , any time of night or day or just whenever . Love you <33 .

Kathrynn * - OMG i love you, we just started hanging out alot, and yessahhh, we are going to hang out alot this summer .

Leila Marie * - OMG i love you, we need to hang out this summer, i've hardly talked to you!... you're the fucking shit, i love you && we definetly gotta hang out :).

Garett S. Castner * - Dude, we've always been with eachother, no matter what, you're the best cousin i could ask for, i know when i need you, you'll be there, definetly. I love you <33.

Hailey * - Holy shit, you are one of a kind!.. so many great times ; basketball :), My house, haha hitting your head off the fan :X.. running into that dog who was like stalking us, wow, i love you, NEVER CHANGE. <33 BFFE *

*We dance, we sing
we do everything.
We play everything from football to softball
&& we have a ball!
And we can kick your ass ; AGAIN AND AGAIN.
Effing right, we're the class of 2010 .*

Yeah.. i l o v e you
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